Ankle and Forefoot Stabilization Brace


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The genesis of the AMO Ankle and Forefoot Stabilization Brace™ came about through some 85 years of design experience.  The design team consists of Physical Therapists, a bio-engineer, and orthopedic soft good personnel.  This team launched the developmental phase of the AMO Ankle and Forefoot Stabilization Brace™ with a united strategic goal of creating an ankle stabilization device which would reduce the incidence and/or severity of ankle injuries.

The design team members are also owners of The Sports Medicine Stores. The stores focus on orthopedic soft goods and foot and ankle devices, and have produced nearly 14,000 pair of custom orthotics. And have sold thousands of additional pairs of off-the-shelf orthotics and ankle bracing devices. This orthotic retail experience provided an unparalleled wealth of technical knowledge and expertise in the management of foot and ankle conditions. 


The end result of in depth product development and testing is the AMO Ankle and Forefoot Stabilization Brace™, the first and only device to correctly position the entire foot (heel and forefoot) in a correct position, to safely permit maximum gait load forces whether walking, running or during athletic performance.


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